In-Shop Information


In-Shop Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Service

With a location central to San Antonio, bringing in your vehicle is a better experience than before! We have taken the time to renovate the classic boring waiting room, and add some of that Omni Auto Glass spice to it.

Our waiting room has been created with comfort in mind. This features very comfortable couches, and Xbox One, Netflix, Hulu, snacks, and drinks. When you walk into our office, you are part of the family and can make yourself at home.

Having a repair & replacement in-shop is better for getting into the schedule faster and having the replacement done more efficiently. While mobile services maintain the same quality, due to being away from our shop conditions, the windshield repairs and replacements generally take a bit longer. If you are looking to have your installation completed as soon as possible, scheduling in-shop may be the best route for you.

You may also want to visit our mobile auto glass repair service page.

If you are interested in scheduling an in-shop appointment, shoot us a call today!