The Difference Between Regular and Rear Windshield Replacement

How Is Rear Windshield Replacement Different From Regular Windshield Replacement?

Rear windshield replacement is a common repair for many car owners. But how is rear windshield replacement different from regular windshield replacement? This article will examine the differences between the two types of replacements. Continue reading our blog to learn more.

The Difference Between Regular and Rear Windshield Replacement

Back Windshields Are Made From a Different Type of Glass

Many people are unaware that back windshields are made from a different type of glass than the windshields in the front of the car.

The glass used in back windshields is known as tempered glass. This type of glass is made by quickly heating and cooling a regular piece of glass. This process makes the glass stronger and safer than regular glass. It also allows the glass to shatter into small pieces instead of into large, sharp shards. This makes it much safer in the case of an accident.

In addition to being stronger and safer, tempered glass used in back windshields is also less likely to fog up. This is because the process of tempering the glass makes it more resistant to moisture.

Clean Up is Required with Rear Windshield Replacement

Back windshields are intended to break when they are damaged, as was mentioned. As a result, the back windshield is usually in thousands of pieces when it needs to be replaced. Before they can install a new one, a technician must thoroughly and properly clean your car and the area around the rear windshield. This usually does not need to happen when front windshields are replaced because front windshields do not frequently shatter.

Rear Windshields Have a Defrost Grid on Them

Finally, the difference between replacing a car’s front and rear windshields is that the rear windshields typically have or connect to a defrost grid. On cold winter mornings, this defrosts grid assists in melting snow and ice from your back windshield. 

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